Saturday, October 11, 2014


Wow...! maybe its just baby steps but I am soooooooooo excited to finish up my new blog. The one which I had to do it for academic reasons. Well, I am a business student. You gotta learn what you wanna do.

Actually I just starting to get some progress here. But thanks to some useful tips and website I found which is super useful. But hey, gotta go now. Still got tonnes of work to do. Bye!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

In Hurry

Hey guys, its already past Raya haji, and even the holidays are soooo long but there's loads of work to do. I know my friend already ask me to go out and spend some quality time with them but I don't know, I really want to. Tapi disebabkan tiada siapa2 yg update nak pergi mana, so diam just like that. Yesterday pun I just pergi AEON Rawang with my sis, Aisyah sbb I nak belikan die hadiah advance birthday. No biggie.

I xnk ckp panjang2 pn blog kali ni. Sbb nk buat assignment. I kne tengok la macam mana orang promote barang2 mereka dalam blog sbb my lecturer suruh buat macam tu jugak. Ok lah. Bye

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Setelah 5 bulan menunggu akhirnya keputusan keluar jugak. Semalam lagi actually. Tp semalam sibuk chatting with friends. Masing2 tanya dapat mana...

Hey guys... u know what? I was accepted into degree..Alhamdulillah.

UiTM Puncak Alam, Selangor

Ade yg dapat Perlis, Kedah,Jengka pun ada jugak. Still ade jugak yg dapat tempat sama which is Machang and Kota Bharu. But anyways, yg penting dapat jugak tempat untuk sambung degree kn?

Most of my friends dapat di Uitm Puncak Alam jugak. Serious x sangka. Ad yg same course, ade yg lain. I soon dapat tahu kawan lama I dpt tmpt sama dgn I. Huhuhu.. Best friend lame kowt. Shahida Amira namanya.

Okay guys. Gotta go to sleep now.

And no, die x dapat tempat sama with me. Mr Nazim Najmie dapat UiTM Melaka.

Friday, August 8, 2014

It Hurts

I am writing right now because I am pissed. With who? Well maybe not all but few. Or not much but also not less. What do you call those things...? Oh yes. Friends. Not A friend. But some friends.

I know we're not that close. But still there's a few of you did. Maybe you don't remember. But I do. I still remember the things that you did to me. But you're still my friend. But today, you really make me sooooo wanna do bad things at you.

I may look slow and innocent. But trust me, you won't like it when I'm being a


Even we didn't contact regularly, it doesn't mean I don't want to spend quality times with you. Even if we're so far away, it doesn't mean I didn't know what you're doing or what happen to you. That's why there are stuffs call social network.

They keep people inform about whats happening to other people. And one thing I really don't like being 'Available' or 'Online', is when I see others spending joyful moments and having a great day photos with other peoples named being tagged but me. It hurts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dear Birthday

Dear birthday, please don't go away. I know its not even mine. But can you at least make it special on this special day? Its 20th July. 21 years ago, a person was born. I never met this person until 3 years ago...

You may call me an idiot. But I seriously can't tell how unserious I am when I kirim salam at you in the first place. Its just an old happy times with my friends at the library. Have it your way, but if it wasn't for you whom asked for my phone number, we won't never get to know each other.

Here's the thing when we started out friends. It was cool, and I never need to pretend. I was so comfortable texting you. We talked about a lot of things, and at some point, I even become your 'stepmom' for waking you up at dawn for subuh prayers and giving you silly advises. Which at some point I can barely recognise your face. So I kept wandering how you look liked. 

My encounter with another person, makes you feel very uncomfortable. Like yeah, we were so close to each other that when I met other, you seem so far. Like taking a distant from me step by step. But I never want it to happen. And yet, you still remain silence. 

But everything change when you stood up for me and claim for yourself. Months later, we're back talking and chattering, hurting and comforting, laughing and crying to each other...until now.

Now, you are my Prince and I am your Princess.
Already 2 but not yet 3 years.
Within those time, you had your birthday with me. 
And I can tell you, how silly were we.
But this year, I am not with you.
I am so sorry, but I will make it up to you.
 For as long as I love you
and you love me too. :-)

Happy 21st Birthday My Love!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kuih Raya

Assalamualaikum.... Who's hungry? I've got some good news for  you. I dapat buat kuih raya harini. Hooray. But first, today actually my adik's birthday la. Amin. And he is 17 years old already. Can't believe I got a brother that old. Haha. Yet, he's a lot lot lot TALLER than me. Even my nenek once said my adik yg tinggi2 tu.

At the end of the day, I made actually 2 kuih raya. 1 is Semperit Cina, or some may call it as Kuih Dahlia. My mum teached me the recipe, plus I tengok2 jugak kt buku 'Saji'. Huhu. With some handy dandy helps, the kuih turns out great. Macam mana I tahu? Time buka puasa lah I makan okay. Bukan time petang2 tu.

Tapi my 2nd kuih x berapa menjadi sangat.. That is very sad. Its my first time baking it. Biskut Arab my mum said. That's the name. We added the mixture macam mixture biasa, but then add some ghee. My mum yang suruh taw. I tak tahu ape2. Then we made bulat2 kecil with a roasted hazelnut inside it. Macam yummy kn?

Bile masuk oven, plan nk tunggu 10-15 minutes. Then Aisyah check up on the oven, katanya, the bater still lembik. So left it another 10 minutes. But the result is the same. Bau da keluar dah, nk kata macam hangus pun ade. Tapi bater still sama, x berubah pun. Last2 I keluar kn je and let it cool.

My mum actually keluar with my dad time tu. Bile die balik, I terus la report what happen.. Die pergi la tengok the 'kuih'. As she touches it, like I said, the kuih is kinda sticky to your hand, you know. The bater I mean. Last2 bile die try makan buka puasa tu, terasa la flavornye yang pahit yang amat!!

Ini semua kerana hazelnut yg ade dalam kuih tu is fully burn!! Oh my... like kinda black la jugak.
With a sad sad heart, she recomend to throw the kuih as it cannot be saved. Huhuhu.. Xdapat la merasa biskut arab sangat.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Almost A Year

Hmm.. today's date is 11/07/2012.  Which means almost a year I didn't wrote a thing or even touch this my single blog. Fuh sana. Fuh sini. Nampak sangat dah berhabuk. Tu la... Orang rajin je yang rajin tulis blog. Me? Nawaitu tu memang dah ade. Buat nye memang tidak. Busy?

I dont think so. I actually dah habis my diploma since bulan 4 lagi. This year okay. It was only yesterday I received my transcript letter from the university management. I am officially.... um, what was that word? Finished? Ok, never mind that.

Almost 3 months but I didn't even update anything here until now. Well, like I said. Nawaitu je yang ada. And I FINALLY  wrote something on this blog. Itu pun sebab sedang menunggu video untuk di stream. Luckily I still got my skills on typing. Well, whatever. Who cares about that silly skill anyway..? Duhhh

Okay la guys. I tak tahu nak tulis ape lagi. Nanti ade idea, menulis blog lah saya. Huhu. I'll try my best this time. Bye